These general conditions apply to all donation payments made on our website.

1 – Identification:

Tara Women Entrepreneurs Foundation (hereinafter “Tara For Women”) was established on 05/07/2021 and is registered in the Foundations Register of the State Competent Authority by Resolution of 27/10/2021 with registration number 2439. VAT ID: G06928824. Registered office at C/ Montesa 35. Esc. Izq. 4to. Pta. Der. 28006. Madrid-Spain. Phone: 913 500 314.

2 – Activity:

TARA FOR WOMEN works with women worldwide, assisting and empowering them to achieve their personal and professional dreams. Creating opportunities, they wouldn’t typically have access to, through support from the global talent network and recognition worldwide.

3 – Payment Method:

The donor can freely choose to make donations using credit or debit cards, bank direct debit, or similar means such as PayPal, Bizum, or Gofundme. The donor must provide personal information and their ID in advance to identify the donation correctly and issue the corresponding donation certificate. Donations are accepted as irrevocable, and cancellation or refund is not possible.

4 – Security and Confidentiality:

TARA FOR WOMEN ensures the security and confidentiality of all communications with donors. All online payment operations are carried out through a secure server based on the SSL standard, protecting data against attempts of violation by third parties.

TARA FOR WOMEN guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal data, address, payment, and any other type provided by donors in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation. All data provided by donors to TARA FOR WOMEN will be included in an automated file of personal data created and maintained under the responsibility of TARA FOR WOMEN, for the purpose stated in each data collection form.

In compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation, TARA FOR WOMEN donors can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition to their personal data by notifying TARA FOR WOMEN in writing at C/ Montesa 35, Esc. Izq. 4to. Pta. Der., CP. 28006. Madrid-Spain, or by email to info@taraforwomen.org.

5 – Donor’s Obligations:

Users who wish to register as donors must complete the form established on our website. The donor’s status is personal and non-transferable. Through this form, users must provide their personal identifying information, contact details, and bank details. (Read and accept our privacy policy).

In the case of periodic donations, they can be made through the website www.taraforwomen.org, by direct debit and/or credit or debit card, or through the PayPal, Bizum, Gofundme system. By accepting the terms and conditions, the person authorizes Tara to request the bank to debit the specified amounts from their account. Once the data is received through our website, the confirmation of the operation will be sent via email, along with the standardized SEPA direct debit form for debiting the specified amounts to their account.

Donors are responsible for keeping their data up-to-date and communicating any changes to TARA FOR WOMEN.

Donors must not disclose or transmit any membership number or any other identifier to third parties, as well as other personal data that could be used against the interests of TARA FOR WOMEN or third parties.

Donors are obligated to make correct use of the rights and benefits offered by this status.

Tara reserves the right to deny or withdraw donor status if aware of conduct contrary to the law, morals, good customs, or the terms and conditions agreed upon with the donor. Likewise, TARA FOR WOMEN reserves the right to withdraw donor status if the established fees are not met.

For any request to modify donor data, you have at your disposal the following communication channel:

Email: info@taraforwomen.org (Don’t forget to identify yourself with your full name along with your NIF/DNI or Passport).

Once registered as a donor, you will receive at least the following communications:

– Welcome package with relevant information from the Foundation.

– Donation certificate at the end of the fiscal year.

These conditions have an indefinite validity period and apply to all commercial transactions made through the website. Similarly, TARA FOR WOMEN reserves the right to unilaterally modify these conditions, without affecting goods or promotions acquired prior to the modification.

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided to TARA FOR WOMEN.

6 – Destination of Donations:

Donations will be allocated to activities and projects developed by TARA FOR WOMEN with the aim of supporting women through various projects, programs, and activities according to the Foundation’s areas of activity.

As it is a legally unconditional donation, the right to use it in another line of action or program is reserved, always within the general objectives of TARA FOR WOMEN and its mission. Thus, donors understand and accept that, by donating directly to the Association, donations will be used at their discretion.

7 – Minimum Donation, Acceptance, and International Donations:

  1. To make a one-time online donation, the user must go to the “Donate” section of the portal. Once in the section, they must choose the amount they want to donate.

In accordance with Article 42 of Royal Decree 304/2014, of May 5, which approves the Regulation of Law 10/2010, of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, TARA FOR WOMEN will identify and verify the identity of donors donating one hundred (100) euros or more. For this reason, it is necessary to provide the corresponding supporting documentation (NIF, passport, etc.).

To make a periodic donation, the user must go to the “Private Area” section of the portal. Once in the section, they must choose the amount they want to donate; the minimum amount is 20 euros per month. However, they can unsubscribe from their status as associates. To do this, they must contact info@taraforwomen.org, identifying themselves as associates and expressing their desire to unsubscribe, following the deadlines established in the refund and cancellation policy.

  1. Our virtual platform allows us to accept donations from around the world.

8 – Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Cancellation or refunds of donations already made are not accepted. Donors understand and accept that all donations processed on the website are final, so donors waive their right to claim a refund. TARA FOR WOMEN does not process or execute refunds for amounts donated through the website.

Regarding periodic donations, cancellations will be accepted, provided that they are communicated 20 days in advance of the next instalment’s due date, in writing to info@taraforwomen.org, indicating in the subject “Cancellation of periodic donation” and providing their identification details.

Cancellation requests informed through any other means will not be accepted.

9 – General Conditions:

TARA FOR WOMEN reserves the right to accept or reject a donation. TARA FOR WOMEN will not accept donations from illegal sources, criminal associations, or organizations that condition the Foundation or its projects.

In case of doubts or complaints about donations made on the website, donors can contact TARA FOR WOMEN by sending messages in the “Contact” section of the portal.