Sports and Health

Our aim is to assist female athletes in establishing and expanding businesses within the sports and health sectors.

We hold the conviction that well-being is an investment in success and are committed to pioneering new opportunities for female entrepreneurship in this domain.


We aim to establish a strategic collaboration framework with a leading organization in female empowerment.

Specializing in advancing sports projects, and another dedicated to social entrepreneurship. This partnership would foster a unique synergy, combining the strengths of each entity to provide entrepreneurs with a holistic array of resources and opportunities.

At Tara For Women, we are committed to empowering women through education, sports, and health.

Our education program is dedicated to offering women entrepreneurs a variety of learning and development opportunities.

We encourage women from all disciplines and backgrounds to become part of our educational community by responding to our open calls for submissions.

We are currently crafting an innovative program focused on sports and health, in partnership with organizations passionate about social entrepreneurship in this arena.

We are seeking robust sponsors in the sports industry to bring this initiative to life. If you’re interested in joining this dynamic project, we invite you to contact us for more details.

By collaborating, we can turn this program into a transformative reality, creating a meaningful impact in the realms of sports and entrepreneurship.

We hold the conviction that physical and mental well-being is crucial for business success. Combining a passion for sports and health with entrepreneurial ambitions can lead to transformative outcomes

Together with our partners and sponsors, we provide women entrepreneurs a rich suite of resources and opportunities. Our goal is to foster a unique synergy that not only amplifies each organization’s strengths but also promotes the well-being and success of the women in our community