International Mentorship Program (IMP)

In the IMP, our mentors dedicate their valuable time.

In our IMP, mentors contribute their valuable time,

extensive experience, and earnest efforts to address the core needs of each project, guiding talented women towards a future brimming with productivity and success.

Programa Internacional de Mentorización

Our program provides a nurturing space designed to foster growth and support, cultivating meaningful and impactful relationships.

In our IMP, the learner and mentor embark on a collaborative journey, sharing knowledge, forging deep connections, and working closely together. We firmly believe that mentorship is a key element in realizing your goals and aspirations. Here, you’ll find more than guidance – a community of enthusiastic supporters ready to help you realize your dreams. Our role is to empower and inspire, setting the stage for your success

Would you like to be a mentor?

What would be your role?

• Empower the learner to solve problems, face challenges, and develop successful strategies for the future.
• Create a model of smooth relationship and communication.
• Highlight the strengths, talents, and gifts of the mentee, encouraging them to find ways to utilize them.

  • If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you will need to submit a written application, provide references, attend interviews, and participate in volunteer training.
  • Participate in monthly supervision/support groups with the learner.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the participants.
  • Ensure clear communication with the learner, as well as with the Foundation.
What qualities should you have?

• Willingness to provide emotional, social, and practical support.
• Awareness of one’s own limits and the ability to set boundaries with others.
• Ability to recognize and help learners discover and apply their own strengths.

Our mission is to provide support beyond borders. Therefore, it is not mandatory for the mentor to be located in the same place as the entrepreneurs. An appropriate location can be agreed upon between both parties.
Benefits of Being a Mentor

• Make a difference and add value to your own community.
• Learn about oneself and experience personal growth.
• Have fun!

• The mentor role is crucial to what we do. Consequently, we provide monthly supervision/training sessions conducted by the mentor coordinator.
• Individual meetings with the volunteer coordinator can also be arranged when necessary.

Join us and discover a world of possibilities together!