1.- What is Tara For Women Foundation?
Our non-profit organization is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs across the globe. We focus on providing the necessary opportunities, resources, and support for women who aspire to start or grow their own businesses, thereby creating a positive ripple effect in their communities and beyond.

We offer a diverse range of programs encompassing education, entrepreneurship, art and culture, sustainability, sports, and health, along with awards and scholarships.

Our aim is to inspire and enable women to transform their dreams into thriving business ventures.Rooted in values of solidarity, equality, and personal development, our organization collaborates with various partners to drive significant and sustainable change. We are dedicated to building a world where women entrepreneurs can flourish and lead in every field.

2.- What is the foundation's mission?
Our mission is to work with women around the world, empowering them to realize their personal and professional dreams.

We strive to create opportunities that may be otherwise inaccessible, leveraging a global network of talent and achieving recognition on an international scale.

Our aim is to open doors and foster success for women in all walks of life.

3.- How can I donate to the foundation?
Supporting the Tara For Women Foundation is easy and impactful. For a quick donation, simply click the ‘donate’ button located in the top right corner of our website’s main menu, or use the convenient fixed donation button on the left side of your screen.We deeply appreciate your generosity.

Every contribution, big or small, is vital in advancing our mission to empower women entrepreneurs globally. Consider setting up monthly donations for a sustained impact on our initiatives.Your support isn’t limited to financial contributions.

We welcome volunteers and advocates who can help spread the word about our work. Together, we can create meaningful change in the lives of countless women. Thank you for your interest and support in our cause!

4.- Where is my donation used?
Donations are vital to our mission, supporting diverse programs in education, entrepreneurship, arts, sustainability, sports, and health.

They also help enhance our communication efforts, expanding our reach to more women entrepreneurs.

A portion of these funds is invested in essential technology and operational resources, ensuring our foundation’s efficiency and impact.We assure you that every contribution is managed with the utmost responsibility and transparency, directly empowering women entrepreneurs globally.

Your support is invaluable in helping us create lasting opportunities. Thank you for your trust and commitment.

5.- What are the foundation's main programs or projects?
Our foundation is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs, positively impacting their lives and communities through various programs:

a. Education Program: We provide comprehensive learning opportunities in business skills, financial education, and leadership to foster women’s growth and development.

b. Entrepreneurship Program: This program supports women in transforming their ideas into successful businesses, offering financial aid, mentoring, and essential resources for start-up and growth.

c. Art and Culture Program: By encouraging creativity and artistic expression, we integrate art and culture into the entrepreneurial journey of women.

d. Sports and Health Program: Understanding the role of health and well-being in business success, we support women entrepreneurs in the sports and health sectors.

e. Awards and Scholarships: We recognize and assist women entrepreneurs with socially impactful projects through awards and scholarships, aiding them in realizing their visions.

Each program aligns with our mission to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in women, providing them with the opportunities and resources necessary to achieve their fullest potential and create positive change in their communities and the world

6.- How can I seek help or participate in the foundation's programs?
The Tara For Women Foundation offers support to women entrepreneurs through specific program calls. When these calls are open, participants can apply to compete for various opportunities.

Winners receive not only financial support but also a comprehensive 6-month mentorship and additional resources, tailored to each program’s nature.Interested in our support? We encourage you to apply during our calls.

By participating, you’ll be added to our participant database, potentially opening doors to future collaborations and opportunities with our partners, including contests and projects aligned with your goals.Joining our calls is your gateway to becoming part of our empowering community and accessing further opportunities.

Keep an eye on our announcements and take the first step towards entrepreneurial success with us.

7.- What is the difference between an NGO and a foundation?

The main difference between an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and a foundation lies in their structure and focus.

NGO (Non-Governmental Organization): An NGO is an independent, non-profit entity dedicated to addressing social, environmental, or humanitarian issues. NGOs can operate in a wide variety of fields, such as human rights, the environment, health, education, among others. Their funding generally comes from donations, grants, and fundraising, and their work focuses on the direct implementation of projects and programs in the community.

Foundation: A foundation is a non-profit entity that is usually established for a specific purpose, such as supporting a particular cause or mission. Foundations can operate in various ways, including donating funds to non-profit organizations (including NGOs), creating and managing their programs, or awarding scholarships and prizes. Their funding comes from donations and managed assets, and their focus is often broader and more strategic, often influencing policies and promoting long-term changes.

In summary, while an NGO focuses on the direct implementation of programs and projects to address specific issues, a foundation typically has a more strategic approach and can operate in various ways to support its particular cause or mission. Both play crucial roles in the nonprofit sector and work together to create a positive impact on society.

8.- How much of my donation goes to administrative expenses?
65% of the funds are allocated directly to the organization’s mission and programs, while no more than 35% is used for administrative and fundraising expenses.
9.- Can I make a tax-deductible donation?

Yes, donations made to our foundation are tax-deductible in Spain. This means that by making a donation, you can benefit from significant tax advantages. According to current Spanish legislation, donations to nonprofit organizations like ours can result in a reduction in your tax burden, allowing you to contribute to a noble cause while also receiving a tax benefit.

Tax benefits may vary based on the amount donated and current tax regulations, so we recommend consulting with a tax advisor or professional for specific information on how to take advantage of this benefit and how it will affect your tax return.

By donating to our foundation, you not only contribute to our mission of empowering women entrepreneurs but also enjoy the tax benefits provided by Spanish law to reward your generosity and support for social causes. Since 2020, donations to nonprofit foundations can be deducted up to 80% of the contributed amount.

Some key considerations:

  • This deduction has a taxable base limit of 10%.
  • It does not apply to the Basque Country and Navarre, where the deduction is 20% and 25%, respectively.
  • If you have donated to the same NGO in the previous 2 years, the deduction amount may be higher.
  • For members, your total deduction will be for a full year of collaboration (12 installments). If you have been a member for less than 12 months, your deduction will be proportional to the months you have collaborated during that fiscal year.

   For Individuals (Personal Income Tax – IPRF): How are deductions calculated?

  • Up to €150: You can deduct 80% of all your donations.
  • Beyond €150: Deduct 80% from the first €150.
  • For the amount exceeding €150, you can deduct:
  • 40%, if you have donated an equal or higher amount in the two previous years compared to the previous year.
  • 35% in other cases.

   For Companies or Legal Entities:

  • If you are a company, you can deduct 40% in your declaration if you have donated in the two previous years or 35% if you have been collaborating with that NGO for less than two years.
10.- How can I track the progress and impact of the projects funded by the foundation?
Discover the impact and methodology of the Tara For Women Foundation by visiting our website. In the ‘How We Do It?’ section, you’ll find detailed information about our strategies and approaches in empowering women entrepreneurs globally.

This section gives a comprehensive understanding of our program implementation and goals.For a more personal touch, explore the ‘Stories’ section, where we share inspiring examples and testimonials.

These narratives showcase the transformative effect our initiatives have on individuals and communities.

We encourage you to delve into these sections to grasp the full extent of the progress and results achieved through our projects.

Your interest and support are vital in continuing our mission to positively impact women entrepreneurs worldwide.

11.- What measures does the foundation take to ensure financial transparency?

At the Tara For Women Foundation, we consider financial transparency a fundamental principle. We take various measures to ensure that our financial operations are transparent and responsible:

a. Annual Report: We publish an annual report detailing our income, expenses, and the impact of our programs. This report is available on our website and provides a clear insight into how we use donated funds.

b. External Audits: We undergo external financial audits periodically by independent professionals. These audits ensure that our financial records are accurate and comply with legal and ethical standards.

c. Transparency Policy: We have a financial transparency policy that outlines our principles and practices regarding accounting, fund management, and reporting.

d. Web Information: On our website, we provide detailed information about our administrative expenses, funded programs and projects, as well as how we use received donations.

e. Informed Donors: We keep our donors informed about the impact of their donations through our social media channels.

f. Legal Compliance: We comply with all tax and legal regulations related to nonprofit organizations in Spain and in the locations where we operate.

g. Open Communication: We are always available to answer questions and provide additional information about our financial operations and programs.

Our commitment to financial transparency is an integral part of our mission and values. We want our donors, collaborators, and beneficiaries to have confidence that their donations are used effectively and ethically to achieve a positive impact on the community of women entrepreneurs we serve.

12.- What is the foundation's history and how was it founded?

Our foundation was born in commemoration of our beloved daughter, Tara, who could not see her dreams fulfilled, especially the dream of building her own project. Today, if she were with us, she would be celebrating her 18th birthday, and we would be helping her spread her wings so she could soar high.

Women with Tara’s spirit exist in every corner of our planet, and that’s why our foundation has a clear purpose: to provide all women entrepreneurs with the opportunity to boost and develop their businesses.

Tara’s family is determined to honor her legacy not only with words but with concrete actions. We want to offer opportunities and resources to women who might otherwise not have access to them. We know that no dream is too big or too small; the important thing is to take that bold first step toward its realization.

Tara’s true legacy lies in the success of these dreams, in the triumph of these brave women who defy adversity and pursue their goals with determination. Every achievement, every milestone reached, is a tribute to Tara’s memory and a reminder that together, we can build a world where the dreams of all women come true.

13.- How can I become a volunteer or collaborator for the foundation?
Send an Email: Write an email to info@tarforwomen.org. In this email, clearly state your interest in becoming a collaborator or volunteer.

Attach Your Resume or Profile: Include your resume, detailing your skills, experiences, and areas of interest that are relevant to the foundation’s work.

Alternatively, you can send a personal presentation or provide a link to your LinkedIn profile to give a more comprehensive view of your background.

Specify Your Area of Interest: In your email, mention the specific areas you are interested in, such as education, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, sustainability, sports, health, or any other skills you can offer.

Provide Contact Information: Don’t forget to include your email address and phone number so the foundation can reach out to you for further discussions.

Once your email is sent, the foundation will review your information and contact you to explore collaboration opportunities and how you can contribute to their mission.Remember, your involvement can make a significant difference in empowering women entrepreneurs and impacting communities positively.

Good luck!

14.- Does the foundation operate internationally or focus on a specific region?

The Tara For Women Foundation has a global focus in its mission to empower women entrepreneurs. When we open calls for our programs, these opportunities are available internationally, meaning we accept social projects from anywhere in the world. However, it’s essential to note that the nature of whether a program is international or not can vary based on the specific guidelines of each particular program. Our vision is to break geographical barriers and provide opportunities to women entrepreneurs from every corner of the planet.

We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, and our commitment is to support women from diverse regions in achieving their business goals and making a positive impact in their local communities and the world at large.

15.- What successes or achievements has the foundation had in the past?

Despite being a relatively young organization with just two years of existence, the Tara For Women Foundation is proud of the achievements and impact we have had on the lives of women entrepreneurs, their families, and communities.

We invite you to explore the ‘Stories’ section in the menu of our website, where you will find specific examples of the successes and achievements we have reached so far. In ‘Stories,’ we share inspiring testimonials and case studies illustrating how our initiatives have transformed lives and generated a positive impact. These stories highlight the power of entrepreneurship and the support we provide to women worldwide in turning their dreams into successful business realities.

Our past successes are a testament to our commitment to empowering women and creating positive change in society. As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we look forward to achieving even more significant milestones in the future.

16.- Does the foundation work with other organizations or collaborators?

Yes, the Tara For Women Foundation values partnerships and collaborations as an integral part of our approach to achieve greater impact. Currently, we have alliances with prominent organizations such as UNITAR, other foundations and NGOs, as well as companies committed to corporate social responsibility. These collaborations allow us to expand our capabilities and resources, helping us provide more opportunities and support to all women who have participated in our program calls.

We are in a constant search for new collaborations and strategic partnerships that strengthen our ability to empower women entrepreneurs worldwide. We believe that by working together with other organizations and companies, we can achieve a more significant and lasting positive change in the lives of women and their communities. We are open to new collaboration opportunities and continue to strive to build strong alliances that drive our mission.

17.- Do you offer scholarships or awards to individuals or projects?
At the Tara For Women Foundation, our scholarships and awards are exclusively for winners of our program calls.

We emphasize that individual scholarships are not feasible without winning these specific calls due to resource constraints.

However, our commitment extends beyond just financial support. We aim to assist all participants by offering access to masterclasses and facilitating various collaborations.

These opportunities are available irrespective of whether participants win a specific program, ensuring that every woman entrepreneur in our community benefits from our support ecosystem.

We continuously strive to enhance the experiences of these entrepreneurs, providing them with opportunities to advance their projects and business aspirations.

Our goal is to foster a nurturing environment that aids in the growth and success of every woman entrepreneur associated with our foundation.

18.- What is the social impact of the foundation?

Social impact is a fundamental part of the Tara For Women Foundation’s mission. We aim to empower women entrepreneurs so that their projects and businesses have a positive impact on society and their communities.

In our program calls, one of the key requirements is that submitted projects must have a social impact component and align with at least one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Through our initiatives, we have contributed to achieving various sustainable development goals, such as gender equality, quality education, reduction of inequality, and the promotion of sustainable entrepreneurship.

We have witnessed how the women entrepreneurs we support not only generate income for themselves but also create jobs, promote innovation, and address significant social challenges in their communities.

Our social impact is reflected in the transformation of lives and the creation of a multiplier effect as the women entrepreneurs we support inspire others and contribute to collective well-being. We remain committed to driving projects that are not only economically successful but also generate a positive and sustainable change in the world.

19.- How can I contact the foundation if I have more questions?

You can contact us through our email at info@taraforwomen.org