Education is crucial for empowering women, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to achieve their potential and contribute meaningfully to society. This educational emphasis is key to advancing gender equality and socio-economic progress

Our vision transcends recognizing women’s educational importance; we actively ensure they have access to vital tools and resources for growth. We turn ideals into accessible opportunities, empowering women to reach their full potential


Our vision goes beyond recognizing the importance of education:

Our commitment is reflected in actionable steps to provide women with essential tools and resources for growth. Our inclusive education program welcomes all women eager to learn and develop.
We invite diverse participants through open calls, building an educational community rich in varied backgrounds and offering benefits focused on impactful social projects.

How do we act in the field of education?

  • Participants gain exclusive access to the Tara mentor network, offering personalized guidance from business experts.
  • We establish collaborations to support women entrepreneurs in completing their training. Additionally, our ADDOC training is tailored to each entrepreneur’s needs, ensuring they receive the right training and support to successfully navigate business challenges
programas de Educación

What can they obtain?

  • Winners receive financial support for scholarships and additional training programs, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to reach their goals.
  • They also gain the right to participate in other contests and collaborative opportunities created with our partners, broadening their perspectives and enabling them to develop their projects more comprehensively.

Who can benefit from this programme?

  • All women of national and/or international origin, specifically tailored for those with social projects that integrate family and community aspects.

What are the requirements?

Specific requirements for participation will be clearly outlined in the guidelines provided with each call for submissions.