Charitable Events

We organize charitable events not only as an opportunity to raise funds but also to establish connections and build long-term relationships with potential sponsors and collaborators.

We Host Charity Events


These events range from inspirational talks to charity weddings and benefit dinners, among others. We offer the opportunity to sponsor the event, provide related products or services, and even participate as speakers or special guests.
Through these events, we introduce the Foundation and emphasize the importance of our mission and its impact on the community. We share real stories of beneficiaries who have undergone significant transformations thanks to our programs. Additionally, we conduct charity raffles and auctions with contributions from companies and individuals. These events are a mix of food, drinks, music, and fun, all in support of our cause.
Do you want to participate or create an event?
Inauguración ábol de OMEGA 2023
Colaboración con Nieves Beauty 2023
Afterwork solidario Tara For Women 2022
Entrega de premios 1ra. Edicion programa de negocios 2022.
Entrega de premios 1ra. Edicion programa de negocios 2022

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