Tara For Women

Our purpose is to provide all women and girls with the opportunity to boost and develop their talent.

Women and girls with the spirit of Tara exist in every corner of our planet.

Tara’s story is told through her projects.

In loving memory of our daughter Tara, whose dreams were left unfulfilled, we established this foundation. Today, as we remember what would have been her 18th birthday, we are inspired to carry forward her spirit through our work.

Our family is committed to transforming our loss into a source of strength and opportunity for others. The foundation aims to provide resources and support to women who might not otherwise have the chance to pursue their dreams. We believe in the power of every dream, and in taking that first bold step towards its realization.

Tara’s legacy is reflected in the successes of these women, as they overcome challenges and pursue their goals with determination. Each achievement and every milestone reached is a tribute to Tara’s memory, symbolizing the enduring impact of her spirit.

By supporting our foundation, you are helping to create a world where every woman’s dream can be realized, a world that embodies the hope and potential that Tara represents. Join us in making this meaningful vision a reality.


Our foundation is committed to empowering women worldwide through innovative programs and a global talent network.

We focus on breaking down barriers and providing unique access to drive their development.

Our goal is to create a meaningful, worldwide impact by highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women and girls in our community.

Join us in this endeavour to support and celebrate the potential of women across the globe. Your involvement can help us extend our reach and ensure that women and girls everywhere have the opportunities to succeed and make a lasting impact.


We are building the most influential global network with the Tara legacy at its heart, uniting women and girls from all walks of life—entrepreneurs, artists, students, educators, and mothers.

Our mission is to break down boundaries, fostering a community that supports and empowers women of diverse backgrounds.

Our vision is enduring: to inspire and leave a positive, lasting impact for generations. We are committed to creating a world where every woman and girls, regardless of her path, can reach her full potential and make meaningful contributions to global progress. Join us in shaping a future where the Tara legacy resonates with every step towards empowerment and unity.


At the heart of each project, the essence of our values becomes action


At the heart of our mission is the belief that family is crucial for personal development.

Our foundation embodies a large family, diverse in culture, age, and beliefs, yet united by a spirit of entrepreneurship and resilience. This rich tapestry of perspectives strengthens our collective journey towards growth and achievement


We firmly believe in the fundamental role of transparency for success. In today’s world, transparency is not just essential; it’s a societal imperative that guides all our decision-making processes.

It’s at the core of our values, ensuring trust and integrity in everything we do.


We are dedicated to bridging cultures, erasing borders, and embracing diversity.

We believe in the power of uniting different perspectives to enrich the personal and professional growth of women.

By facilitating the exchange of experiences, we aim to foster an environment where learning from diversity is a key to development and empowerment.

Love as a Guide

We believe in the profound impact of love as a driving force in the world.

Our work is guided by the understanding that behind every project lies a story of resilience and growth.

By promoting the personal and professional development of women, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the sustainable development of communities, with love as a fundamental inspiration.


We embrace technology’s potential to transcend borders and bring people together.

Our digital-first approach shapes our thinking and lifestyle, fostering collaborative environments that serve as catalysts for personal development.


We champion the power of collaborative work, actively promoting partnerships and knowledge sharing with local, national, and international entities.

This exchange fosters a rich, cooperative ecosystem that benefits all involved.

Board of Trustees

The main duty of the Board of Trustees is to remain loyal to its mission and priorities and to ensure that its objectives are achieved and its resources are managed efficiently. At present, the Board of Trustees is composed of ten individual members, an advisory board and the Foundation’s staff.

Advisory Board

We have a highly committed Advisory Board, made up of individuals with experience and insight in diverse fields. These brilliant minds bring their wisdom and strategic guidance, enriching our decisions and ensuring that our foundation moves forward in a way that is effective and aligned with our mission.


Our team, the beating heart of the Tara For Women Foundation, is made up of dedicated and passionate professionals. Each member plays an essential role in the realisation of our mission.

Together, we collaborate with enthusiasm and determination to create meaningful opportunities and empower women around the world.


Our funding comes from the private sector, thanks to the support of donors, trustees, and companies.

We transform these donations into meaningful figures that transcend numbers, you can download the annual accounts by year.

Year 2023: Pending at the end of the year.

Code of Ethics

Sets out the principles that guide our business relationships, promoting integrity and positive social impact.

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