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How to attract investors

Do you want to attract investors to your project? Raúl Mata, co-founder of BoosSales4U, and Estela Rodríguez, his bussiness partner, both experts in entrepreneurship, shared valuable insights in the masterclass on this topic. Here, we present a summary of the key points:


Where is the money?

Discover potential sources of funding, such as crowdfunding, incubators, accelerators, business angels, and venture capital. Research and choose allies who share your vision.

Key tips for attracting investors:

  • Focus on finding good travel companions, not just money.
  • Ensure they understand your business and environment.
  • Tailor the information to the type of investor you need.

Essential points for presenting your project:

  • Problem: Clarity about the problem to be solved.
  • Solution: Differentiate your solution from the competition.
  • Business Model: How will you charge customers?
  • Added Value: What sets you apart and is not easily replicable.
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy.
  • Competition: Identify and confront your competitors.
  • Team: Profiles and strengths of the team.
  • Current Numbers: Current financial data.
  • Required Funds: How much money do you need?

Key advice:

Spend more time seeking and securing investors than sending generic emails.
Be transparent about the current status of your project.

Crowdfunding and where to find investors:

Use platforms like El Referente, LinkedIn, and Emprendedores.
Concentrate your efforts on your close network for a greater impact.

Remember, the key is not just to find investors but to refine your presentation to attract the right ones. Go seek investors to join your entrepreneurial journey!

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