Tara supports the work of entrepreneurial women: FURAS from COLOMBIA.

In our relentless pursuit of supporting entrepreneurial women, we’ve encountered organizations like Furas from Colombia. Their focus on providing tools and resources to those with brilliant ideas but limited economic resources has made a difference in the lives of over 200 women in Bogotá, Soacha, and Cartagena for over seven years.

The Inspirational Purpose of Furas:

With an unwavering passion for turning ideas into sustainable projects, Furas is grounded in equity, inclusion, and solidarity. They aim not only to incentivize healthy businesses but also to create a support network that promotes well-being and sustainability for a quality life. Their mission to reach remote areas and provide quality tools and practical knowledge is the driving force behind this inspiring work.

Support and Transformation:

Through the backing of mentors from diverse knowledge areas, the organization focuses on transforming entrepreneurial ideas into profitable ventures. This support extends beyond improving economic income; it also awakens and empowers the innate talent and power these women possess. They have sponsored, trained, and enhanced the quality of life for extraordinary women, paving the way towards economic independence and personal discovery.

Empowerment Tools:

The Furas scholarship program is the cornerstone of their work. Through mentorship, training, and coaching, they reach remote areas to offer quality knowledge. This is just the beginning; once these women become part of the program, Furas not only supports them in marketing their products but also manages the logistics and commercial aspects. This approach not only ensures sustainable economic income but also fosters job creation in their communities, enabling women to work peacefully from their homes. Follow them and don’t miss any detail.

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