Enea Lebrun (Panama)

Project: “Jenené

As a result of the Jenené project, a recurring concern arose about mining extractivism, its effects on the adjacent stream system and, consequently, on the bordering communities. The new chapter of this process, “El hoyo (provisorio)”, consists of a photographic archive that investigates the effects of open-pit mining in the area of Donoso, Colón, Panama, presenting photographic results from a documentary and performative point of view. Reality is disguised with tales of eco-friendly processes of new green mining.

Jenené was his first photobook. Within the public programme of the same exhibition, two community basketry workshops and five conservatories were held, opening dialogues on the themes addressed in this project. She is the co-creator of the nomadic artistic residency programme, which questions the boundaries between art and craft and delocalises opportunities for artistic professionalisation from the capital to the peripheries.

Working on the process of opening a micro-publishing house for the support of the artistic community in Panama.

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