Carolina Verd

Carolina Verd (OMEGA)


Acquisition Award for the design and production of a Christmas tree for the OMEGA boutique and auctioned at the SOLIDARITY CHRISTMAS TREE 2023 event.

In collaboration, OMEGA and Tara For Women Foundation continue to bring visibility to the participants of the 1st Tara For Art 2023 call for entries.

The winning artist, selected on this occasion, is CAROLINA VERD CHRISTIANSON, who created this beautiful modern contemporary work.

Carolina not only created and produced the design, but also incorporated an interactive element by adding a virtual reality QR. You can explore Carolina’s work through this virtual reality QR link; it’s a fun experience that allows you to place the tree in any space of your choice.

Thank you OMEGA for allowing us to continue promoting the talent of enterprising women artists.

Arbol OMEGA real vs boceto

Actual OMEGA tree vs. sketch


When I realised that it was the OMEGA brand for which I was going to propose an artistic concept, the first thing that came to my mind was a curious reflection: the relativity of time and the durability of watches as objects. These two elements come together in my memory of a brand that has been around for so long. I can remember.

In fact, were it not for the brand’s extensive history, I would almost say that it is generational and that this personal connection that the brand evokes has to do with the relativity of time linked to a tangible object that endures and stays with us for a long time. But when I started researching, I found a fact in my memory that created an emotional link. My father is an architect and was a professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid for many years, teaching the subject of Form Analysis.

I used to attend his classes where he often spoke to us about influences within the world of art, architecture and design. One of those influences that he exposed, introducing us to his work, was the architect, painter, engineer and designer Max Bill.

By chance, in this research, I discovered that Max Bill, a unique creator, was involved in the design of an iconic watch that OMEGA launched in 1986 for the “Art Collection”. From there, almost surprisingly, I identify the close link that connects me to the brand: on the one hand, the figure of my father as an influence if I am not a fan of the brand, and on the other hand, the figure of my father as an influence if I am not a fan of the brand.

Arbol OMEGA Teatro Real

OMEGA Tree Teatro Real