Como aterrizar tu proyecto

Summary of the masterclass HOW TO LAND YOUR PROJECT


In our latest masterclass, we had the honor of hosting Honorio González, an executive coach, speaker, and entrepreneur with extensive experience. The class, titled “Landing Your Project,” provided us with an essential roadmap to bring our entrepreneurial projects to life. Honorio shared valuable insights based on the 7 fundamental pillars of entrepreneurship:

1. Believe in Yourself.

One of the most crucial pillars for the success of any project is self-belief. Honorio emphasized the importance of self-awareness, conducting a personal SWOT analysis to identify strengths and areas for improvement. The phrase “If I don’t believe in myself, who will believe in my project?” resonates powerfully, highlighting the significance of self-confidence and overcoming obstacles.

2. Have Clear Objectives.

Honorio guided us through the importance of setting clear objectives in three areas: personal, family/friends, and professional. These objectives act as a solid triangle, providing direction and purpose to our entrepreneurial journey.

3. Self-motivation.

Self-motivation is key in challenging times. Creating a mental “backpack” filled with things that motivate us, Honorio reminded us of the importance of dedicating time to ourselves to understand what drives us and how to recharge our energies.

4. Positive Attitude.

A positive attitude is an entrepreneurial superpower. “Sometimes you win, and other times you learn. But you never, never, never, never lose.” Changing our perspective on challenges as opportunities for learning helps maintain a positive attitude even in difficult moments.

5. Choose Your Company Wisely.

The quality of people around us directly influences our success. It’s crucial to choose companions and friends who propel us forward, avoiding destructive individuals who can hinder our progress.

6. Never Give Up.

Perseverance is key. Honorio inspires us to rise again and again, reminding us that the path to success is filled with challenges, but true defeat is in giving up.

7. Be Grateful and Help Others.

Gratitude and helping others are endless sources of motivation. We need to reflect on what makes us happy, using that clarity to pursue our dreams and, at the same time, assist others on their journey.

In summary, the class left us with a solid set of principles to apply to our entrepreneurial journey. Feeling inspired? Land your project with these 7 pillars and make your dreams take flight!

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