Collaboration agreement between Tara For Women and Art Madrid

Tara For Women joins as a collaborator for the development of the ART MADRID’24 program. “Intercessions By Tara For Women” will be the performance and live arts program that will carry out the performative cycle of four women artists with visual exercises that challenge new phenomena transform into tools to understand ourselves as a society.

Art Madrid Contemporary Art Fair celebrates its nineteenth edition from March 6 to 10, 2024, at the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Palace. During Madrid’s art week, Art Madrid becomes a stage and exhibition platform for artists and galleries.

Tara For Women and Art Madrid’24, focused on showcasing the work of artists dedicated to performative practices, draw attention to the need to create works whose social impact contributes to raising awareness of the dangers facing our society. Thus, Art Madrid transforms its headquarters into a dissemination platform to invite four artists working in performance as guest artists within its program of activities.

Participation and proposal selection guidelines for performance:

Performance proposals to be presented must be sent in a single PDF document to the following email addresses:

info@art-madrid.com with a copy to arte@taraforwomen.org

Projects will be accepted by the organization until Friday, November 9, 2023 (including Friday).

The email subject should indicate the following: Intercessions. Performance and Live Arts Program. Art Madrid´24. Contemporary Art Fair.

The structure for presenting performance proposals to be included in the PDF document is as follows:

  1. Name and surname of the artist applying, ID or Passport, place of residence, email, mobile phone, social media, and profession.
  2. Curriculum vitae, summary of artistic career, and statement.
  3. The letter indicating the motivations for participating in the call.
  4. Development of the performance proposal to be presented (PDF document) which should include:
  • Project title.
  • Description of the project.
  • The foundation of the exhibition project through the symbolic and aesthetic discourse developed with the presented action. Conceptualization of the proposal.
  • Objectives, work methodology, budget breakdown, and work schedule in its two phases: production and staging.
    It should be indicated if, in addition to the budget allocated by the organizers, the project has other sources of funding.
  • Images and/or sketches describing the proposal (max. 12 images in JPG format).

Brief description:

*Intercession: The action and effect of interceding for the good of others.

Intercessions. Performance and Live Arts Program. Art Madrid´24. Contemporary Art Fair. It is a call aimed at women artists residing in Spain, whose work is framed in the field of performative activity. The main purpose of this call is to support projects that extend into the heterogeneity of paths and artistic proposals that allow challenging the new phenomena that occur within the field of art. Performance in its multiple dramaturgical expressions, especially those that use the body as a vehicle to deconstruct and observe from a critical perspective the human relationship with the natural environment.