Two AI Master’s Education Scholarships – UDIT

In collaboration, Tara for Women and Udit, the University of Design and Technology, teamed up to award two 100% Master’s Scholarships to two exceptional women from our Tara community, valued at €10,000.

The winners are: Sara Sebastian and Gadellys Rojas.

Objectives of the master’s degree:

  • To develop programs in programming languages used in artificial intelligence, such as Python or R.
  • Apply advanced optimisation and regularisation techniques to improve the performance of the machine learning model.
  • Understand the market, its habits and needs for products or services in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Develop image and object recognition systems using advanced AI techniques.
  • Apply natural language processing techniques and machine learning algorithms to solve problems in natural language generation.
  • Analyse current trends in the field of AI.
  • Identify the ethical implications of AI and the importance of considering these aspects in its development and application.
  • Implement deep neural networks for AI problem-solving.

They will award an official Microsoft certificate, thanks to the contents worked throughout the course, Azure AI Fundamentals: Allows you to achieve the first level in the path generated by Microsoft for artificial intelligence engineers. It provides an overview of the implementation of the main artificial intelligence algorithms in Azure.

The main differentiating values are: that it is an official qualification, that you can obtain a Microsoft certification and that the subject content is up-to-date, as the teachers are currently working in the industry.