Itziar Guzmán (Spain)

SO-Sotogrande Tara For Art

Project “Transit”

Artwork Acquisition Award Thanks to SO/ Sotogrande Spa & Golf Resort for work with Itziar Guzman. Her work “Tránsito” and her project aim to impact and improve her community.

Itziar Guzmán is a multidisciplinary artist based in Madrid. Her work follows the precepts of Japanese aesthetics, both in photographs of landscapes (real or invented) and in mixed media works, with a more abstract and experimental approach.

He began to print his photographs on materials with a lot of texture and volume and soon stopped printing images to work more and more on the supports, creating works of abstract painting and little by little the volumes began to take on more importance, giving way to metal and wooden structures that hang on the wall and project plays of light and shadows.

This collection of 10 sculptural murals that I present to you represents 10 different doors, called “Transit”.

The doors, and thresholds of transit imply movement through space and time.
Doors as the entrance to a different place, the beginning or end of a journey.
The doors represent the point of transit between two realities: the exterior, chaotic and profane, and the interior, which represents the sacred order. Through them, one penetrates one’s own deep identity.
They are doors to everything that interests or motivates me.
To full consciousness.
To a more egalitarian world in which my creativity is valued and taken into account and not invisible.
To a world in which we recycle materials and give them a new life.
To a world in which traditional trades such as blacksmiths and smiths are maintained and cared for.

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Sustainable development objectives of this project: