TARA TALKS: “How to generate social impact through Art and Sustainable Entrepreneurship”.

#TaraTalks premiered on April 25th at Club Matador, where we presented the social impact of the Tara For Women Foundation, through How to generate social impact through Art and Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

With the testimonies of two entrepreneurs from the Tara For Women family and Amaia Rodríguez (Founder of The Gravity Wave) and Alejandra Glez (Multidisciplinary Artist).

Bill Saad, our founder, opened the day by bringing to the table the importance of supporting women entrepreneurs with social impact. Bill emphasised the responsibility and importance of organisations such as Tara For Women, as an essential support agent for women who wish to undertake social impact entrepreneurship and support their families and the surrounding community.

Next up was Amaia Rodríguez Sola, Co-Founder of Gravity Wave who explained the impact that Tara For Women’s support has had on the development of The Gravity this year. Amaia shared Gravity’s work in the care of the sea and oceans to build a future with a clean and vital planet, involving companies and the fishing community, achieving an impact of almost 100,000 kilos of plastic collected from the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts.

Afterwards, Alejandra Glez, multidisciplinary artist, explained the performance she presented of her work ‘Volver a nacer’  at the Thyssen Museum, framed within the second edition of the cycle of performances Vision and Presence with which the museum seeks to give visibility to creative women, collaborating @thegravitywave with Alejandra, giving her fishing nets collected from the sea to present them in the costumes of her work.

Closing the colloquium Alejandro Rojas, mentor of the Gingko Africa Limited project, told us about his experience of being a mentor, the importance that this mentorship has meant throughout the year for him and the evolution of the supported project. Alejandro was invited to join and be part of the mentoring of entrepreneurship projects and feel the satisfaction of accompanying projects to success.

We thank you again for your attendance and participation, on behalf of Tara For Women Foundation and founder Bill Saad, the entrepreneurs Amaia and Alejandra, our mentor Alejandro and the audience, who shared their first-person experience with all attendees.

And our most sincere thanks to @club_matador, for hosting us in their facilities for our 1st #TaraTalks.