Violeta Escuilles

WEEKLY PROTAGONIST – Violeta Escuilles

The protagonist we want to introduce this week is Violeta Escuilles, founder of Institut Terra. Violeta created this project with the intention of integrating holistic medicine into healing and creating a space of accompaniment in the ailment.

Violeta, why do you consider yourself a #Tarawoman?

Because I am a woman who has always dreamed of a better world, and now at 40 years old, I have the opportunity to materialize that illusion with my own project. A project that is born from a personal experience and goes beyond me to generate a change at a social level.

Tell us about your project.

Insitut Terra is my dream and my project. It is the creation of a space for Integrative Health. The Institut Terra project is based on a holistic consideration of the person, which aims to integrate all its dimensions (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and accompany them in the deep healing of their ailment.

The intention is to detach health from the hospital center (generally cold and impersonal), opening a space in which the patient can recover in a familiar environment.

The creation of this project is also part of the desire to bring integrative medicine closer to rural areas, whose inhabitants have to travel hundreds of kilometres to follow their treatment.

And how is your project helping other people?

Institut Terra aims to become an enclave where people actively participate both in their personal healing process and in the healing of their environment.

On the one hand, the space will contribute to the economic growth of a population and a rural area in the process of social stagnation and economic impoverishment, by creating a service and a brake on the depopulation of the place. Also, alliances with other village institutions such as the school (in danger of disappearing) and the old people’s home, will be part of its specific social objectives.

Secondly, the active role of Institut Terra translates into the fulfillment of a large number of Sustainable Development Goals, as well as awareness raising, activities, and training around this issue.

One of the key points in the process of personal healing is contact with Nature, so the Institut not only wants to promote the virtues of this practice but to accompany and train in the awareness of the care and richness of the natural environment.

Now you know! Violeta wants to change the world through her dream and we love to know that she is a TARA WOMEN.