6 Libros que recomendamos este verano

6 Books to recommend this summer

Happy summer Tara family!

We know that many of you are enjoying your vacations right now. It doesn’t matter if you are in warm or cold weather, we wanted to create this list of 6 books you have to read this summer.

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book is based on a simple but powerful question: How can we live better? Throughout its pages, you will find different habits that will help you to significantly improve your life and, as our author says, to improve your life, you don’t need to make one big change, but a hundred small ones.

  1. The Entrepreneur’s Black Book by Fernando Trías

This book can be a basic guide to business. It focuses mainly on demonstrating the failures that some companies have made and how to fix them.

  1. How Women Rise by Sally Helgessen & Marshall Goldsmith

The authors of this book identified 12 common habits that can be an obstacle to future success and explained to you how to overcome them.

  1. Untamed – Glennnon Doyle

In this memoir, you will find the story of Glennon Doyle and all the learnings that throughout his life he has been recovering. How he managed to get out of the bubble and break out of the shell to be his best version regardless of the opinion of others.

  1. Unleash Your Magic- Elizabeth Gilbert

The author of the book eats, prays, and loves to share with you in this book the secret to a creative life. How to connect with your ideas, bring them to life and create a creative life beyond fear.

  1. Dare to lead – Brene Brown

Through this book, Brene Brown will guide you with her words to help you become leaders with purpose, creativity, innovation, and, above all passion for what you do.

You already know! These 6 books have to go with you to any destination you go to. If you have any more recommendations, follow us on Instagram (@taraforwomenorg) and let us know.