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This week we want to share with you the entrepreneur who has stolen our hearts with her voice. Shabella is a young artist who is constantly working to show the world all the potential she has inside through musical expression.  Tired of receiving refusals to develop in the artistic world, Shabella works for female empowerment fighting for naturalness and diversity in body image. She tries to break with the canons of beauty socially established as ‘normative’, and give visibility to all bodies, regardless of color, size or height.

Brave, indomitable and fighter, that’s our Shabella!. Read on to learn more about her and her project.


To society, I’m a TARA and to the art world I’ve been a TARA most of the time, I’ve always been rejected because of my physique.

All my life I have been the fat one, the girl who was pointed at with the finger in the street, the last one who was chosen by her classmates to make a team in physical education class and about whom people in town (and not so in town) whispered, for example, for wearing a skirt and showing my big thighs at any point in my life, or even the one who always had to listen to a “don’t tell anyone” when I experimented with boys, and they always denied it and were ashamed of it.

The one who always arrives at a relative’s house to say hello and knows she will get the typical conversation about the diet, never fails. The plump one who has to put up with rude men who think that a girl with a high weight has no chance, and has no right to choose who she will and who she will not. The one who goes to a casting for an orchestra, for TV or musical theatre, and they don’t choose her because they are looking for an image in terms of the “required” show or because supposedly she doesn’t fit the role or there is no specific character in the script of that play with a thick complexion.

Society has always tried to make me believe that I am not a Tara, that I have a problem and that if I remove that defect I will do better, but no one has questioned whether I want to reject it or not.

My Tara is a revolution, it is the click of my triumph, something that distinguishes me from the rest, something that I feel comfortable with and something that has only one meaning: not because I am fat, I have bad habits, not because I am fat, I have relationships with anyone, not because I am fat, I don’t have the ability to sing and dance at the same time, not because I am fat I can’t feel sexy and I can’t be sexy and I don’t feel good. I can’t feel sexy and confident and dress the way I want to dress. I am simply “Tara” and I choose the labels, not others. In the flaw is the virtue, I am my own yes.

I’m not fat, I’m doubly hot and for this and thousands of other examples, I consider myself a “Tara” girl.


Music is the greatest medicine for emotional intelligence, it increases confidence levels, and improves self-esteem and security.

That’s exactly what I want and need to transmit to people with my physique and my attitude, and constantly generate the memory of loving yourself well. Creating a unique, revolutionary sound, containing lyrics in which the listeners turn their Taras into virtues.

Virtues. No matter if their bodies contain pimples, spots, stretch marks, cellulite, if they measure a lot or a little, if they weigh more or less than they should… through video clips that visually reach, in an abstract or direct way, images that are much needed and that have never appeared in the movies or in fashion magazines. Because of this society does not allow us to see naturalness.


Most people suffer emotionally, and the mother of emotions is security. It is the one that sweeps your mind of bad thoughts.

Life has taught me since I was little that fear and shame are two emotions that have something in common, you don’t see them if you don’t want to show them. People don’t know if you have them or not, and that’s why you have to put up a security barrier. You are the actor or actress on your own stage and in front of it, you have more chances to win in any area of life if you want to achieve something.

It always affects us to be spoken ill of our physique, or it hurts us to have a toxic relationship because we do not fully trust our partner, or we see ourselves in the mirror and we find a thousand Taras … and there come to the comparisons with other people, and that is when we believe that we will change us for someone else physically “better” (either in the area of love, at work or in a phase of life with ourselves).

I want to normalize that all bodies are valid, that in my video clips appear all kinds of people with totally different and ‘weird’ physiques for society, with a lot of attitude. So that those who come to them can upload a post or a story without a filter on Instagram and can recognize and love themselves as they are.

As you saw, Shabella constantly inspires us to be ourselves and to continue accepting us day by day and for that reason, we are proud that she is a TARA WOMEN.