First Tara For Women Workshop by influencer IZAZKUN PINSON

How to manage your company’s communication as an entrepreneur by Izazkun Pinson

Hello Tara Community!

The purpose of this blog post is to share with you the start of the new training. Yesterday, July 6th, we had the first TARA WORKSHOP given by Izazkun Pinson, influencer, coach, speaker, digital marketing expert, and communicator. The theme of the workshop was how to manage the communication of your company as an entrepreneur.

For an hour, our speaker shared with the 26 participants from different countries, various topics on communication, such as the importance of connecting with the essence of your project, three pillars of communication, strategies, tools, and internal communication, among others.

It was a dynamic workshop with the active participation of all the participants, who shared their doubts with Izazkun and were even able to solve doubts about their projects. Izazkun responded to each of them with direct and concise answers that left our participants happy and, above all, eager to get down to work!

Some of the questions that the entrepreneurs shared with our speaker were: How do I organize myself to prioritize communication? Any recommendations for improving internal communication with my team?

In conclusion, Izazkun, who manages a community of more than 30k, shared the main social media management tools she uses. She also highlighted the importance of information planning, the relevance of branding, and how to continue with the strategic line without going off it. Being present, listening, and responding to your community is the most important thing to grow.

We would like to thank Izazkun for sharing the keys to their success and offering an eminently practical workshop focused on the needs of the CEOs and entrepreneurs who attended.

If you couldn’t be part of this first edition, don’t worry!

This is only the first training of many more to come 😉

We look forward to seeing you in the next editions of our TARA WORKSHOPS!