Agustina Taquini


Agustina Taquini 🌟 is the entrepreneur who seeks to change the world through other women.

Agustina Taquini, psychologist and maternity specialist 👩🏻🍼 is the protagonist of this week’s blog and shares her story from Argentina.  Her mission is to help women in one of the most important paths of their lives: motherhood. Through courses and workshops, she has created a community and support network where any woman going through this process can feel accompanied.

Agus, why do you consider yourself a #Tarawoman?

I am passionate about helping women in their journey of motherhood and the magic is not in me… it lives in that special energy that appears when we are united when we form a tribe when we connect. I think that being a tribe is the first maternal act. And if I could spread this message to the whole world, I would… and well… I think I’m going for it with you.

Tell us about your project.

I am dedicated to accompanying women in the process of becoming mothers. I share theoretical information about the psychology of pregnancy and puerperium so that they can, from knowledge, become more aware of the nature of the maternal process they are going through. We share individual sessions, couple sessions, and group workshops.

From this awareness, enjoying the present moment is much easier… and they all achieve it!

After having listened to more than 500 pregnant and postpartum women, I can share with you that I am proud to see them taking off their pink princess costumes, to discover their skin, their marks, their moles, their shapes… their own style. That which makes them unique, in a sustainable way.

And how is your project helping other people?

Many mums have managed to connect with their babies and with themselves as mothers, from pregnancy or early postpartum… which generates early conscious motherhood, from which begins that sacred bond so primary, the one that marks us all and forever… the bond we have with mum. Helping women to feel comfortable, light, and full of pleasure in that role, makes me a fully happy woman.

My Instagram account 📷 is @agustinataquini I’d love to meet and connect! 💖