Spaces of impact and training for all of you.

Welcome to another blog post! 💫

Today we want to share something new, which we have been cooking and preparing for some time, for all of you entrepreneurs: the TARA WORKSHOPS. 📚


The TARA WORKSHOPS are born with the purpose of creating spaces of impact and training for all of you. Spaces that provide tools, connections and contacts to continue helping our entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs.

Throughout the year, we will be creating these spaces, both physical and online, to share with all of you the talent and experience that every CEO needs to know in order to grow her business.

Our speakers will be of different ages, backgrounds, nationalities and areas of expertise. The aim is to give you a range of knowledge to use in your own business.

The donation per workshop is 20 euros 💌. With this, you will not only receive all the valuable information that the workshop has for you, but you will also be able to continue helping other women entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. The financial contribution from the workshops will be donated to the foundation and to the entrepreneur who gives the workshop. In this way, all contributions continue to add to our purpose and create more profit.

To register, all you have to do is enter 👆🏻in the following link and make your donation. You don’t need to have previous experience, you just need to be eager to learn and contribute to the group. Remember to enter your main email address as this is where you will receive all the information about the workshops.

Another option is to make your donation through Bizum. From your bank app where you have Bizum active:

  • Select the option to donate
  • Enter our delivery code: 04602
  • Choose the amount to donate (20EUR)
  • Write your email address in the subject line

We look forward to seeing you at our next workshops to continue growing together! ✨