1st Awards Tara for Women

1st Awards Tara for Women

Award ceremony for the winning entrepreneurs.

Maybe you saw it on social media, maybe you even wondered about it or you are just here by chance, but if you came to our blog, get ready to know everything about our first event!

On the 15th of June, we had the pleasure of holding the 1st edition of the Tara For Women Awards in Madrid. After the launch of our first call for projects with social impact led by women, we finally got together to present the awards to our three selected entrepreneurs.

The event began with the introduction of our CEO, Carlota Perez, who, with her emotional words, filled the hearts of all the guests, making each of them really understand what our purpose is: to help as many women entrepreneurs as possible to take their projects to another level.

“Our goal is to continue working hard, with a very clear idea: to be an international foundation. International, because of who we are because we support not only women from Spain, Africa, or Latin America, but women who are going to be recognized in all countries. Because the impact we are going to make goes far beyond borders”.

We continued the evening by giving the microphone to our entrepreneurs, allowing them to share with their mentors, guest entrepreneurs, and the whole Tara For Women family, the purpose of their project. Marta Tena Briceño from Renace TCA, Amaia Rodríguez from Gravity Wave, and Maialen Zapirain from Gingko, filled the afternoon with emotions, admiration, and a lot of motivation for all those present.

Alejandro Rojas, Gingko’s mentor, shared with us what being a mentor means to him: “As a foundation, we feel completely grateful, excited, and moved by the energy and emotion of all the attendees. This is certainly the beginning of a long road, and a great motivation to keep growing to continue helping many more projects”.

This is only the first edition of many more award ceremonies to come. It is only the beginning of something big because as our founder, Bill Saad, said “The only thing you need to change the world, is desire” at Tara For Women, that is what we have the most: the desire to change the world together.