Marian Gaman

Get to Know Marian and her GAMAN project!

Welcome back to our #TaraBlog!

Today we want to introduce you to Marian, the protagonist and powerful woman of our weekly space.

When we asked Marian how she defined herself, she replied that she is defined as:

“A woman who fights for a more inclusive society in which all people have the same opportunities.”

Her project is not only a source of inspiration for us, but also, for all people with a physical disability.

We asked Marian to share a bit of her project and history with us. Do you want to meet her? Then read on!

Marian, why do you consider yourself a #TaraGirl?

Because I am a woman in continuous learning, in a world that excludes me because I don’t have the same opportunities as other people. My goal is to break pre-established molds and change the world by creating opportunities so that all people have the same opportunities to participate in society and create a more inclusive world. By listening to and loving families, working and collaborating as a team with my team; the people who respect diversity and believe in what they do.”

Tell us about your project. What is Gaman?

Marian- “Gaman is a project that promotes the creation of safe and quality hygienic services through the design and installation of inclusive changing rooms designed for the most vulnerable social groups.⁠ Currently, people with great support needs in personal hygiene, do not have spaces adapted to our needs every time we have to go to the bathroom outside their homes. Standard accessible toilets do not have the necessary basic support tools so that we can clean ourselves in a hygienic and dignified way. At Gaman we accompany entities to generate safe and quality hygienic services through the design and installation of Inclusive Changers, especially in public and private spaces with a large influx of people.”

And how is it that Gaman is helping other people?

We met two beneficiary groups of Inclusive Changers.

On the one hand, people with functional diversity, of which we are going to focus on those who need support for daily activities. On the other hand, older people over 64 years of age increasingly need more support in hygiene or when changing.

These two groups see their social participation conditioned by not having inclusive changing rooms and putting the health of their relatives and personal assistants at risk by having to make dangerous and heavy movements to mobilize them. The ability of older people to relate to the environment, social support and integration in a world that may tend to marginalize and stigmatize them become one of the fundamental aspects of living the ageing process as a positive experience. Linking up with other people confronts isolation and increases their will to live and can also place elderly people in a better place to defend their position and social role. With Inclusive Changers, people’s community participation is improved.”

As you can see, Marian is a great role model, and we are proud that she is a #TaraGirl.

If you want to know more about Marian and her project, Gaman.