Tara UNITAR Colaboración

UNITAR and Tara collaborate

Collaboration Agreement between UNITAR and TARA FOR WOMEN

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is an institution within the United Nations system dedicated to training. UNITAR provides training and development activities to assist primarily developing countries, with special attention to the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and other vulnerable groups and communities, including those in conflict situations.

UNITAR’s main functions include:

  • Providing high-quality learning solutions to address the capacity development needs of individuals, organizations, and institutions.
  • Advising and supporting governments, the United Nations, and other partners with knowledge services, including technology-based services.
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences through networks and innovative processes.
  • Integrating innovative strategies, approaches, and methodologies into our learning and knowledge-related products and services.
If you want to learn more about UNITAR, we invite you to watch the following VIDEO

For Tara For Women, this agreement is an important milestone as it will allow us to cooperate to implement initiatives that will generate training, development and project improvement opportunities for our women entrepreneurs.

Through this collaboration, we will aim to work together on different training programmes for women entrepreneurs, exchange of international experiences, and financial and digital literacy.

Our goal is to ensure that every entrepreneurial woman who comes into contact with Tara for Women has the opportunity to develop her own business and become autonomous and self-sufficient in managing her project.

“Tara was born with a firm commitment to promote, connect, and support international women’s entrepreneurship to generate social impact: Our mission is to be a catalyst for change, supporting women in their professional and business projects, providing them with a strong support network and the opportunity to access initial funds for early-stage businesses. That’s why we consider this agreement with UNITAR a key alliance because we are convinced that, by joining forces, we will be able to reach women worldwide, helping and empowering them to fulfill their personal and professional dreams.”

Carlota Perez, Director of Tara For Women

We are excited to start working together and continue building a prosperous future for all women entrepreneurs.