Tara For Women

The importance of our work as a foundation

This blog has always aimed to connect with you and, therefore, grow our community and support network. Therefore, today we want to tell you about the importance of your donations to Tara.

As you know, Tara for Women was born from the memory of a daughter who did not have the opportunity to build her dream. Thanks to her, today we can recognize millions of TARA women around the world. A Tara woman is everywhere in our society: a young girl, a married woman, a sister, a widow, or simply a voiceless neighbor. When you donate to Tara for Women, you give a voice to all those women.

By donating to Tara you are not only helping women around the world to fulfil a dream, but you are also supporting their household economy, investing in their future, and providing new opportunities to women who once thought it was not possible for them.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report shows that in Spain alone, there are more than 650,000 women entrepreneurs and 70% of them claim to have decided to start a business when the opportunity arose.

Can you imagine how many women have not had the same opportunities?

At Tara for Women, we are united to prevent this from happening again. We recognise the power women have and we are convinced that investing in women is investing in the economy, education, and in households. Did you know that in 14 economies women’s entrepreneurship increased during the pandemic and that in 10 economies women-led projects outnumbered those led by men?

And despite all these figures, only 14% of startups in Spain are created by women. Why?

According to the Global Gender Gap Index, these obstacles are due to the gender gap where, in 2020, Spain reached 79.5%, placing it among the top 10 of the ranking countries analysed. The dropout rate for women entrepreneurs is 54% due to fear of failure, lack of resources, and household responsibilities.

Today, however, multiple barriers and “firsts” have been broken. Thanks to foundations such as Tara for Women, thousands of women around the world are overcoming the odds and creating projects that have a social impact all over the world.

Currently, in Spain, there are 9 women entrepreneurs for every 10 men.

Just imagine how many women need our help.
You can be part of that change.
Donate to Tara and help thousands of people around the world.